Go Slow to Learn Fast   -   Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Information about US Kids Player Pathway Development Program


The Basics:

Every child will be placed in a particular skill level based on U.S. Kids guidelines.

For those junior golfers who are new to the Performance Center and Coach Kevin, a skill assessment session will be required to categorize their correct level. This private assessment / lesson is 30 minutes and the fee is $40.

At the end of this session the child will be assigned a level and once the Program Fee of $25 has been paid (Cash or Check) the junior golfer receives the following:

  • US Kids Hat: Color Specific and relates to the Level (Much like Karate Belts)
  • Player Development Book
  • Bag Tag
  • Achievement Pins and Mastered Pins will be given out accordingly
  • Welcome Kit
  • Equipment Provided for all sessions (If needed)
  • 5% discount on all U.S. Kids club purchases made through The Jane Frost Golf Performance Center. Trade-Ins accepted as the kids grow to the next size of club. Also included: no charge for the club fitting done by Kevin Eosco.

Now you Know Your Level – What’s Next?

Clinic Time! Here is the schedule:


Level 1 – Monday 4:00 PM
Around the Green
Full Swing

Level 2 – Monday 5:30 PM
Around the Green
Full Swing

Level 3 – Wednesday 4:00 PM
Around the Green
Full Swing

Level 4 – Friday 4:00 PM
Around the Green
Full Swing

Level 5 – Friday 5:30 PM
Around the Green
Full Swing

Level 6 – Wednesday 5:30 PM
Around the Green
Full Swing

You MUST participate with your Level…no exceptions. To see the scheduled topics each week and to sign up click your level as indicated above.

Each Level has 3 Topics / Clinics that will rotate throughout the year. The 3 Topics are:

  • Putting
  • Around the Green
  • Full Swing

Clinics consist of instruction and challenges where the child can accomplish his/her goals that are described in their respective books. When a skill has been accomplished and learned the junior golfer earns a skill pin and when all skill pins have been earned then they are eligible to take the Mastered Checkpoint that moves them up to the next level.

Every class will also have a knowledge section where the player will learn etiquette and the rules of the game. Please note that every student learns at his/her own pace.  It is entirely possible that the student will need to attend a specific clinic more than once to achieve their goal. The motto is: “Go Slow to Learn Fast”.


Private Skill Assessment:  $40 (30 minutes)

Program Fee: $25 (Per Level)


Pay as you go:  $30  / Clinic   

Pre-Paid Packages:

6 Clinics - $149

12 Clinics - $289

24 Clinics - $569


Students do not have to attend clinics in consecutive weeks.  Clinics are year round and will be done either outdoors or indoors. You can join the program, space permitted at any time throughout the year.


Certain levels require more time out on the course so checkpoint session prices vary and can be conducted as a private lesson.  (Includes golf course fee)

  • Levels 1-3: $89 (1 hour)
  • Level   4: $169 (2 hours)
  • Level   5: $329 (4 hours)  
  • Level   6: $329 (4 hours)  

An alternative is a group session for the various Checkpoints, which will be held at specific dates and times. Maximum of 4 Juniors per checkpoint and pricing is as follows (Includes golf course fee):


Levels 1-3: $49 per Junior and Checkpoint is 1 hour

Level   4: $89 per Junior and Checkpoint is 2 hours

Level   5: $169 per Junior and Checkpoint is 4 hours


Enrollment of each clinic is limited to a maximum of 6 students.


Payment Policy:  Payment is required at time of clinic selection and sign-up


Refund Policy: NO refunds. Credits can be applied to future sessions


Rain Policy:  No Rain Outs! Heated Indoor Performance Center is Available.


Please direct all questions to: Kevin Eosco – Kevin@JaneFrostGolf.com