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Junior Golf Programs

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US Kids Player Pathway Development Program 

Do you have children between the ages of 6 to 13 who are interested in learning this great game of golf or who already play and want to get better? This is a GREAT, Year Round program taught in a safe and positive environment. The emphasis is on FUN learning and improvement.

To learn the key fundamentals of the game, U.S. Kids Golf has developed a 10 level pathway development program. This goal-oriented program is designed for all the little golfers who are looking to advance their skills in: Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Knowledge, and Scoring.  

The Head Coach for this program is PGA Professional and U.S. Kids Certified Instructor Kevin Eosco.

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Elite Junior Academy


As a former high school golf coach (Sturgis East), Nick hears all the time from both coaches and players:  “Man, I wish my kids played or practiced more in the off season” or “I wish I played more during the off season”.  I’d like to offer you all an affordable opportunity to change that.  Introducing the re-launch to a program we’ve had here at the Jane Frost Golf Performance Center;  The Elite Junior Academy.  

This year the program has been structured around all of you; the high school golf coaches of Cape Cod (and slightly beyond) and the parents of enthusiastic young golfers looking to thrive during their high school golf seasons.  The plan is simple, 2 hours of coaching, $30 per student, any topic or combination of topics that the coach feels would most help his or her players.  If parents and students prefer to organize a group with their friends, fantastic, we can do that too.  Dates and times will be completely up to coaches and / or parents.  


-    Coaches and / or parents must schedule the group session at least two weeks prior.
-    A minimum of 6 juniors, max of 12.
-    No cancellations, however if the weather conditions are poor we can reschedule as classes will be outside for the most part.
-    Payment will be sent by invoice via e-mail to the group coordinator.

Topics can include:

-    Full Swing
-    Chipping
-    Pitching
-    Putting
-    Bunker
-    Mental Concentration
-    Golf Course Management
-    Rules and Etiquette

This will be a wonderful opportunity to keep your players swinging between state tournaments and opening day, improve the chemistry of your team, or simply be a way for groups of friends to grow and get better at a sport they love.  If you are interested please contact Nick directly at nick@janefrostgolf.com or 508-237-8957. 

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PGA Junior League




The Jane Frost Golf Performance Center is pleased to announce that we will once again be hosting a team for the upcoming 2022 PGA Jr. League season!

An extremely successful and nationally renowned program, it is always wonderful to see the kids challenged while having a lot of fun.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with the program, PGA Jr. League is essentially to golf what pee wee hockey is to hockey or little league is to baseball.  The kids will receive uniforms and awards, and will play matches against other teams from other courses all over the Cape!  All Skill Levels Welcome!

Registration has already begun so, if you are interested in signing up your child/children for the upcoming season, please CLICK HERE to register for the Jane Frost Golf Performance Center Team.  Registration Ends June 15th and spots on the team are limited.  Age 13 and under and all skill levels are welcome.  New players are encouraged to participate in the U.S. Kids classes with PGA Professional Kevin Eosco.

Please keep in mind that a player must have his or her own equipment and we are happy to provide at a 5% discount for Team members on U.S. Kids Golf equipment.

Jane Frost Golf Junior League Team – $349 – 12 Team Members max.

Scholarships are available. Please Contact Captain Kevin Eosco for further information.


Junior Golf 201 



Recently, we’ve had parents approach us saying: “Our Child seems to be too old for the Player Pathway Program and not experienced enough for the Elite Junior Academy”. This is our solution:

Golf 201 is designed for players who have had some experience and want to improve their skills to possibly play on the High School team. This program begins to focus more on designing the blueprint of success as it relates to the individual.

The goal of these classes is for the student to learn in a fun and stress free environment. Skill improvement will be accomplished by introducing various activities and games while also having access to technology and cutting edge learning techniques.

These are hour long classes that will be held year round every Wednesday from 5:30 - 6:30. All topics can be reviewed during this class, putting, short game, full swing, depending on the needs of the individuals registered.

All sessions are Co-Ed.

Golf 201 - $40

Series of 6 Golf 201 Classes - $199

Small Group Size / Maximum of 6


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