Go Slow to Learn Fast   -   Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts



"Our son has been taking lessons with Nick and we want to express our gratitude. Not only because we feel so fortunate that he has had the opportunity to learn from Nick’s skill and talent; but, in addition to that, Nick’s genuine kindness and true desire to help and to coach has made such a difference in Cole’s life. The confidence Cole has developed has had such a positive impact in all areas of his life. We are so very very grateful. Thank you."

-Amber & Joe Camelio

"I am extremely grateful fo the Jane Frost Golf School. Working with Nick Wiseman over the last 7 months, I have learned a lot. I went from struggling to break 100 to a 8 handicap. When I make a bad shot I am able to understand what I am doing wrong through Nick’s knowledge of the game. I am able to enjoy the game more than ever before. I look forward to continue working with Nick to see where it takes me. I couldn’t have made a better decision attending Jane Frost Golf School."

-Bryan Bolton
Falmouth, MA

"We have 2 boys ages 9 and 10 that we wanted to get into golf. We were worried about finding the right coach because if they got bored or it wasn't fun, they would not do it. We knew, with the right coach, that the boys would really enjoy the sport. But finding a coach that can relate to kids, and teach them in a fun and interactive manner, was hard to find. Until we met Nick. Nick does such a great job relating to kids. He was able to connect immediately with our boys - and he made the lessons fun. Then they were excited to see coach Nick and play golf each week. I have no doubt that if we tried a different coach, we would not have the golf lovers we have today!"

-Tracy McElroy
Centerville, MA

"I took the Jane Frost Golf School Full Swing class on Saturday May 1, 2010. It was the first time I had been to any of Jane's classes or lessons. It was a difficult time in my life as my long time companion was dying of terminal cancer but he had encouraged me to keep my commitment to go to the class, and in fact had given me the class lesson as a gift. I played golf twice over the next two weeks and both times scored half a dozen strokes below my average.My companion Stan died on Saturday May 15. On Friday, May 28, the first time I was able to play golf again, I scored a hole in one on the ninth hole of my home course of Farm Neck on Martha's Vineyard. I know that my lesson with Jane Frost was the reason I was in position to have that hole in one, and that my Stan gave a soft nudge to the ball as it rolled across the green and gently dropped into the hole.
Thank you for the gift Jane and Stan. "

-Abbe Burt
Vineyard Haven, MA


"Jane Frost is a great teacher. I like the way she manages to keep the learning process fun and simple. Over the years I've had the good fortune to have worked with some of the best instructors in the world, and I would class Jane as one of them."

- Alasdair Watt PGA[Great  Britain],
Farm Neck Golf Club, Massachusetts


"Jane Frost is a skilled pro with a keen eye, inventive teaching aids, drills to make lessons stick and a sense of humor to relax anyone. She is perfect for every level of golfer."

- Rob S., West Barnstable


"Jane Frost is a real pro who listens to her students. She doesn't come to the practice tee with her own agenda or game plan, but with an inquiring mind and a great eye. "What's on your mind?" and "what are your goals for this golf season?" were her first questions to me. At the end of our first series of lessons I felt more comfortable about my game and more confident about my swing which were great feelings to take away for the winter. Back for a second year of lessons!"

-Woody S., Hopkinton, NH


"An example of how Jane teaches the game and not just the technique, occurred at last year's Massachusetts Junior Championship. Nick, a ten year old, had his driver shaft break, though not his fault, on the 13th hole. During one of his lessons, Jane had him play a couple of holes using only one club to show him that there wasn't just one club for each situation. Instead of being flustered by the loss of his driver with four long par fours to finish the round, he drew on the lesson and finished one over par with his 3 wood."

-Bill M., New Castle, NH


"Jane is awesome because she is very helpful and supportive, even on the bad days."

-Nick M., New Castle,NH
"Jane has been a fabulous coach for my son. She addresses the whole person-the nutritional, emotional, and physical aspects of the game. His self-confidence for all of life's tasks has increased because of her lessons."
-Wendy M., New Castle, NH

"Jane is great because she keeps my brother on the golf course and out of my hair."

-Jill M., New Castle, NH


"When I wanted to take my game to a new level, I had total confidence in Jane Frost's ability to evaluate my game, identify and develop the skills I needed to improve. Jane made golf fun to learn again by showing me an entirely new way to think about how to play the game, really play. Jane helped me to strengthen my skills and manage the golf course by encouraging more creativity in my game, especially around the greens. I truly believe now that anything is possible."

-K.G., Golf Professional
"Jane keeps you focused. She is patient and clear in her instructions, all done with a keen sense of humor. Jane teaches for the golfer's benefit and she breaks down what you need into manageable steps. She's been great for me as a beginner."
-Marita B., Mashpee, MA