Jane Frost Golf Perfornmace Center

Go Slow to Learn Fast   -   Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Golf Digest 2020

Arrival Process:

1) Please park in the main parking lot of the Golf Course. NO CARS are allowed to drive down to the Performance Center from April 1 - October 31due to safety concerns. The exception would be a rainy day when there is likely little to no activity at the range and safety is not a concern. From November 1 - March 31 cars may drive down as the range is closed.

2) If you are able bodied we are requesting that you walk down to the Performance Center and carry your bag or bring only the clubs that you want to work on during your lesson. Get those FitBits out and get to that 10,000 step goal! Strong legs improve balance…balance improves golf swings and generates longer and more accurate golf shots!

3) If you do require assistance navigating the hill please visit the pro shop and indicate to the pro shop staff that you have a lesson at The Performance Center and that you need a ride down the hill for your lesson. The staff member will either provide that ride OR if a staff member is not available AND there are carts available then a key will be given to you and you proceed the way we always have. Again, perhaps bring the clubs that you want to have for the lesson; your shoes and your glove for streamlining your trip up and down the hill. Every effort will be made to get you back up the hill either through the SHGC staff member returning or your coach will have / get a cart to transport you up. It might also be helpful to email me to indicate ahead of time your needs so that I can properly communicate that to the Pro Shop: Jane@JaneFrostGolf.com. In the event that the golf course is busy and there are no carts available then the options get a little more challenging and walking may become necessary. 

4) If you have scheduled a short game lesson of putting; chipping or bunker shots then NO CARTS will be loaned out as you can easily meet your coach at the small putting green area adjacent to the 10th tee. If you are looking for a pitching lesson then that would be held at the practice area and the process mentioned above is in play.

5) Range balls for warm up will be provided at no charge. You will find a supply of golf balls and baskets down at the Performance Center by walking towards the shed with the big American Flag on it. Before you reach that shed and just after the ramp on the Performance Center look to your left and there you will find the supply of golf balls for warming up. Take your bucket back to the public side of the range and enjoy your warm up. When you are done please return any unused balls and the bucket to the area where you picked them up.