Jane Frost Golf Perfornmace Center

Go Slow to Learn Fast   -   Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Golf Digest 2020

Are you and some of your friends looking to play a few holes but the weather just isn’t cooperating? Just need a few swings to shake off the winter rust? We have two simulators waiting for you. As an added bonus all the technology that we have available to improve your game are open to use after a new student assessment with Jane, please contact us for details. Jane@janefrostgolf.com or nick@janefrostgolf.com 

1 Simulator Bay / 1 Hour - $50
1 Simulator Bay / 6 Hours - $270 

Please reserve 2 days in advance, reserve up to 4 people per bay and split the cost! 

Cash or Check only 

Please call 508-367-4030 or 508-237-8957 to book a new student assessment with Jane or Simulator time